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Set Antminer web password ASICWEBPASS=your_password. (Default: root) Set Antminer ssh password ASICSSHPASS=your_password. (Default: admin) 2. Scan network and unlock(if possible) selected range using 1.unlock_ssh.bat script. 3. Wait 2-5 min until Antminer boots up. 4. Run 2.replace.bat script from unlock_ssh folder 5 Soon, such an unprotected ASIC will be infected with a virus via a standard password from another infected device on the local network. Default SSH s and passwords: Antminer - default user: root, default password: admin. Innosilicon - default (ssh/telnet) user:root, default password: blacksheepwall or innot1t2 or t1t2t3a First, log in to the computer that will act as a server via SSH or Terminal. Then run the installation command. Linux/Raspberry Pi wget -O - https://minerstat.com/nonssh-install | bash Ma

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  1. ers had SSH access enabled making it possible to either manually configure the
  2. er: user root, password ad
  3. ers. There are three ways to reset to factory settings: 1. Restore via Reset button. This method can be applied within 10

Password Thepasswordforyourselectedworker. 3. SelectStoprunningwhentemperatureisover80°C(optional)tostopminingwhenthePCB temperature exceeds80°C. Thisoptionisrecommendedtoprotecttheminerfromdamage.Ifyoudonotselectthisoption,the minerwillcontinuetoworkattemperaturesexceeding80°C. 4. SelectCustomizethefanspeedpercentagetomanuallycontrolthefanspeed Default SSH s and passwords: Antminer - default user: root, default password: admin. Innosilicon - default (ssh/telnet) user:root, default password: blacksheepwall or innot1t2 or t1t2t3a5. If other and password values were set up before you, then reset the ASIC to the factory settings. To do this, on the turned on ASIC, hold the ipreport and reset buttons, hold for 20 seconds, turn. -Set Antminer ssh password ASICSSHPASS=your_password 2) Configuration of Network Settings. First you need open a web browser and enter the miner's IP address. A dialog box will pop up which requires you to enter the credentials; both username and password are root. Click the Network tab and choose Static from the Protocol dropdown list

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2.!Connect!a!PSU!power!cable!connector!tothe!AntMiner!L3+!PCIKeconnector!on!thecontroller.! 3.!Connect!the!network!cable!tothe!ETH!port.! 4.!To!power!up!your!AntMiner!L3+,connectthePSUstothepowerwalloutlet. !!!!! Each!hashboard!must!be!powered!by!the!same!PSU!on!both!connectors!to!prevent! possible!damage!and!instability. To prevent the spread of virus in the firmware, which can cause damage to the Antminer S19 series, the setting function of Secure Boot has been switched on and the Root Authority function has been disabled. 2.If the user fails to use the product in accordance with the given instructions, specifications, and conditions provided, or change the function setting without Bitmain's prior. copy two files 'at' and 'at.conf' to your Antminer L3+ open a cmd window scp at* root@<antminer ip address>:/config you will be prompted for your Antminer root password - the default is root unless you have changed it execute the tool in the same cmd window ssh root@<antminer ip address> you will be prompted for your Antminer root password cd /config do the following once - need to make it. Antminer s3 ssh password should you buy bitcoin. First is the cowled dual fan enclosure that the S3. I reset the miner a few times so I'm assuming it has a native ip of Antminer S7 user guide. Bitcoin Mining rising and the halving of block rewards imminent, the S7 is reaching the end of its profitability for those without access to If they do not accept, they will not have access to your.

ssh root@ replacing root with your administrator name and with the Antminer's IP address; If you get a security warning, such as an OS X host authenticity warning go ahead and still connect; Provide the Antminer with your password when prompted; You're now connected to the Antminer. To stop mining but leave the. The system can be accessed by a brute-force attack on the HTTP port or SSH port. Firstly, I needed a user guide to learn default HTTP username and password. After, I have searched on Google with antminer default password and found a website that includes User Guide. AntMiner User Manuel | We can obtain easily by searching. For this tutorial, I preferred to use hydra for brute-force. Antminer S19 Pro Coming Soon Our custom Antminer overclock firmware allows overclocking beyond factory limitations, adds support for immersion cooling, adds virus scanning, provides chip auto-tuning, auto-restart on low hashrate, bulk password changer, SSH port remap, bulk configuration over network, and integration with Awesome Miner and Hive OS

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Password Change: Ability to mass change passwords and ssh port. Multi-ASIC roll-out: Setup one machine and install it on all of them with just 1 click. Free - Download and begin using immediately. Small 3% fee to keep the project going. Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S17/T17,S9/S9i/S9j models. Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best hashboard stability and performance. Pool1 password: worker's password from your mining pool account; If you have multiple pools you want to mine, you can add pool 2 and pool3 ; AntMiner Network Setting (LAN) By DEFAULT, it should be already set as DHCP Client mode, but if it wasn't for some reasons, please change it like the above picture. Then hit Switch protocol button, wait for the screen to refresh, then hit Save. Minera includes as miner software: * CPUminer-GC3355 fork* BFGminer latest original version* CGminer latest original version* CGminer Dmaxl Zeus fork It should support every CGminer/BFGminer forks as well. Since the 0.9.x version Minera supports also network miners as: * Antminer S9* Antminer L3+* Antminer D3 Since the 0.5.x version Miner (antminer) AND protocols.raw: 80/http AND 80.http.get.title: 401 The system can be accessed by a brute-force attack on the HTTP port or SSH port. Firstly, I needed a user guide to learn default HTTP username and password Antminer ssh commands antminer t9 setup. The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. It tracks S7 temperature and graphs it. My current setup has some problems. The solution to this is to set up a Zabbix master server at Amazon Web Services, then put a small, low powered Zabbix proxy at the location to antminer ssh commands antminer t9 setup monitored, and connect the proxy to a UPS. One of the new.

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  1. ers (user: root, pass: ad
  2. er -video instructions and the program itself: IPReporter.exe Скачать. 2. Completely de-energize the
  3. - password to connect to ASICs via ssh
  4. Restoring SSH on Bitmain© 2019 Firmware Including July/August 2019 S9 Unlocker. asicseer_installer also includes an automatic braiins removal tool. ASICseer takes security seriously and hopes to achieve the Bitmain© vision for true operational security. Bitmain© recently released SSH-disabling security firmwares. Our company applauds Bitmain© for taking into account aftermarket security.
  5. ers, right-click and select ASIC Tools - & gt; Submit a custom web request. 8) Enter your Ant

Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Active 5 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 3k times. 2. How does one log all an Antminer's statistics (temperature, hashrate, etc.) to a file? I can log in to an Antminer via SSH, so I should be able to turn on some option for cgminer to log everything, no? cgminer antminer logging. Share First of all to your SSH. Use your IP address in your browser in my case IP address is So, use the Antminers IP address in your browser. On prompt Username: root and Password: root. After a successful , you will be sent to Antminer's Dashboard. Select Miner configuration > Advanced settings Download a SSH client in order to connect to the Antminer. Type your username @Antminer's IP address into the Host Name box and click open. Ie root@ Click yes to accept the security warning popup. Enter the password for your username and click enter. Note the characters will not appear as you type

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  1. The ssh vulnerability fix (dropbear) S9 ssh is off by default! The default password for www and ssh has been changed to root@ - this is to prevent viruses from entering and this firmware can be used immediately in an infected network without fear of being instantly infected by neighboring hosts. Refinement of the chip commit algorith
  2. er S5. Yes, for Ant
  3. username and password is required. I use Paramiko for Python SSH support. import paramiko def reboot(ip): ssh = paramiko.SSHClient() # paramiko.ssh_exception.SSHException: Server '' not found in known_hosts ssh
  4. er s17 only, skip this step if you have SSH access to your ASIC) Make sure you have access to ASIC via local area network. Download Raveos Mass Migration Tool BETA extract and install it. Run ASIC SSH Unlocker.lnk. Use ssh-unlock-win-x64.exe -h to get the full list of commands. Use -ip key to set network range to scan and -unlock to unlock SSH access to all.
  5. er devices. - If the password on the web has been changed, it must be replaced in the program. - To do this, click Settings and in the window Miner Login Passwords replace the password with.
  6. er. Replace with the IP address of your Ant

8 ) Fill in the Antminer web username and password (default: root / root) and enter unlock (without the quotes) in the Request field. 9 ) Apply and wait. The Antminers will be restarted once during the process. What's next Now your Antminers are unlocked and you will have greater flexibility to install any custom firmware and access them via SSH 1. Goal: connect to AntMiner via SSH, and send poweroff command. command: plink.exe -v -t -ssh antminer -l root -pw xxx poweroff. Connecting to port 22 We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Release_0.70 Server version: SSH-2.-dropbear_2012.55 Using SSH protocol version 2 Using Diffie-Hellman with standard group group14 Doing Diffie. Bitmain's AntMiner S5 is their first offering to utilise their new 28nm BM1384 chip, combined with a new string power layout. 60 chips are spread across two hashing boards in an identical layout to the previous Antminer S3. The external case has been removed akin to the original Antminer S1 with the addition of lightweight airflow directors added back to the sides. The S5 is standalone and. If you want to scan from to - set IPSTART = 2, IPEND = 40; - Set the Antminer web password ASICWEBPASS = your_password (Default: root); - Set the password ssh Antminer ASICSSHPASS = your_password (Default: admin); 3. Scan and unlock the devices found using the script 1.unlock_ssh.bat; 4. Wait 3-5 minutes for Antminers to load; 5. Run the replace.bat file; 6. Our build is ready, Cgminer 4.9.2 is running stable since 20th June with extra nonce support. One of our Antminer S7 is running on it, check here: MinToRRo Antminer S7: Details on NiceHash (see details) check if xnsub enabled (algo:1) _____ ____

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  1. er S9 firmwares released by Bitmain© in March, April, May, and June. Added ability to specify webuipass (if the webuipass had been previously changed). Added ability reset root SSH and webUI passwords back to their defaults. Added ability to unlock SSH on some Ant
  2. er D3/L3+/S9 - Remote Command Execution. CVE-2018-11220 . remote exploit for Hardware platform Exploit Database Exploits. GHDB. Papers. Shellcodes. Search EDB. SearchSploit Manual. Submissions. Online Training . PWK PEN-200 ; WiFu PEN-210 ; ETBD PEN-300 ; AWAE WEB-300 ; WUMED EXP-301 ; Stats. About Us. About Exploit-DB Exploit-DB History FAQ Search. Bitmain Ant
  3. In order to overclock your Bitmain AntMiner S1 ASIC to provide 200 GH/s and low HW Errors rate with our settings you need to follow the steps below: - Login with SSH to your AntMiner S1 ASIC using the IP and username/password you've set it to use. - Type cd /etc/config (without the quotes) in order to get to the folder where the.
  4. 75 TH/s - 3700 watt (49 watt -TH/s) STOCK BITMAIN FIRMWARE T17+. 55 TH/s - 2800 watt (54 watt -TH/s) Version changes. release 2.0.3. 1) General stability, optimization and revision of the main drivers. 2) Fixed incorrectly working profiles for the t17 model. 3) Fixed the translation for the correct display of the Russian language

The number of DiffA# (work performed worker) user antminer. 5. DiffA# (work performed by worker) Dev fee. 6. The sum of the total work done DiffA#. Calculate % dev fee - (5/6) * 100% = dev fee % (3163648 / 196999614) * 100% = 1,6% dev fee. After updating the firmware, the S9i ASIC began to show that it is S9. Answer: To change S9 to S9i or S9j, you need to install the Patch as a. The above steps would allow you to log in an SSH server with a default setup. To make it more secure, we at SiteGround have made additional tweaks such as changing the default SSH port, substituting password authorization with keys and many others. Thus, if you are looking for a secure and reliable host, you can check our SSH hosting plan Command example: bos-toolbox.bat install --psu-power-limit 1200 --password root listOfMiners.csv. This command will install Braiins OS+ on the miners, that are specified in the listOfMiners.csv file and set the power limit to 1200 on all of them. The command will also automatically unlock the Antminer S9 Important: minera system user has password minera, you should change it if your system is a public host with SSH access. sudo passwd minera This isn't the web password, to change the web password, into the web interface and go to Miner -> Setting

Carefully remove your AntMiner S1 from the box, padding, and anti-static sleeve. Take your time and get some help so you don't accidentally knock a connector or resistor off. What follows is a critical step for the long term health of your device 2. This is very important. You will probably need to clean the outside of both of your blades for 5-15 minutes each. When the S1's are manufactured. Firmware Antminer S9 (i,j,) CrMi (alt 3.8.6) Size: 13.2 MB. Version: v 3.8.6alt. Download Now! 7919 Downloads. FIRMWARE RELEASE v1 alternative. 1) Automatically removes poorly functioning PCB with very low or zero hashing speed to save energy and temperature. 2) Ssh is disabled by default. Attention ssh password for installation--feeds-url [FEEDS_URL] override default feeds server URL--nand-restore. use full NAND restore from previous backup. BACKUP_PATH. path to directory or tgz file with data for miner restore. Example: bos-toolbox. bat uninstall listOfMiners. csv. This command will uninstall Braiins OS from the miners, that are specified in the listOfMiners.csv file and install a. Прошивка для безопасного разгона Antminer L3+ (разгон до 700 MH/s) ru en cn; navigation. Home; about us Added the function for mass distribution password change. 7) Added function for mass distribution off / on ssh. 8) Modified profiles and added values for consumption. 9) Added silent start option. 10) Added standby mode option when internet loss. 11. Anders als beim S1 und S3, bzw beim Zugang via Web-Interface lautet der Zugang zum Antminer S2 via SSH/putty: Benutzer: root Passwort: admin. und nicht root/root

Manual and automatically settings for getting Antminer S17+ The most powerful ASIC in 17 series. Get max from your ASICs with Wattum ASIC Firmware 1. This allows you to unlock SSH and allow you to run our aftermarket firmware on the machine. With the same hashrate (53 TH/s - 2900 Wat vs 53.5 TH/s - 2900 Watt). farms even easily How to find out your network details: 1. Press Win Key + R , then a RUN box will be shown. 2. Type cmd in the text box and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. 3. A black box with a flashing cursor will open; this is the Command Prompt. 4. Type ipconfig and then hit the Spacebar on your keyboard

Antminer S9 Signature Unlock Guide In this guide, we will show you how to perform signature unlock on A ntminer S9, S9i and S9j models. If you are using firmware from November 2019 or newer, you will not be able to upgrade your S9 ASIC to NiceHash custom Firmware because Bitmain made a signature check that only allows official Bitmain firmware to be installed - Login with SSH to your AntMiner S1 ASIC using the IP and username/password you've set it to use. - Type cd /etc/config (without the quotes) in order to get to the folder where the config file is located on the miner. - Type vi asic-freq (without the quotes) to edit the config file, comment the currently set options by placing # in front of them and add the following lines. The root SSH password for every Obelisk is the same, and should be changed upon receiving the unit. You can access your device through SSH using a command line interface (CLI). Your operating system has a built-in CLI. Find yours below. On Windows. Windows operating systems use an app called Command Prompt. You can find this from your Windows button or the built-in search function. Make sure.

The Antminer software doesn't support anything for automation like this, though you can ssh in and make these modifications manually. There is no support for remote monitoring with SNMP, but there is an exposed cgminer API for remote configuration. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Oct 22 '17 at 8:51. Anonymous Anonymous. 13.5k 2 2 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 41 41 bronze. Functionally SSH keys resemble passwords. They grant access and control who can access what. In identity and access management, they need similar policies, provisioning, and termination as user accounts and passwords. One cannot have confidentiality, integrity, or any guarantees of continued availability of systems without controlling SSH keys. Technically the keys are cryptographic keys using. In order to save the settings you need to set a password and hit save and apply and save. If you didn't set a password, it's probably not saving anything and loses data upon reboot. Also make sure you have the latest firmware on your controller since older firmwares had issues with saving data. The Miner stays idle. Make sure to double check your pool settings and connections. If the miner.

Bitcoin minen - aber richtig mit dem Antminer. von Werner Ziegelwanger · 13. Juni 2014. Viele von euch haben bestimmt meinen Artikel über das Minen von Bitcoins mit dem Raspberry Pi gelesen. Dort erkläre ich wie man den Raspberry Pi nutzen kann um über einen aktiven USB Hub angeschlossene USC Bitcoin ASIC Miner schnell effizient und vor. 该系统可以通过暴力破解 HTTP 端口或 SSH 端口来访问。 首先,我需要一个用户指南来得到 HTTP 的默认用户名和密码。之后,我在 Google 上搜索 antminer default password (蚂蚁矿机默认密码),并发现了这个用户指南。 AntMiner用户手册 . 对于本教程,我更喜欢使用 hydra 来进行暴力破解(爆破HTTP. * pool_password - Can be empty in most cases or x. * use_nicehash - Limit the nonce to 3 bytes as required by nicehash. * use_tls - This option will make us connect using Transport Layer Security. * tls_fingerprint - Server's SHA256 fingerprint. If this string is non-empty then we will check the server's cert against it (antminer) AND protocols.raw: 80/http AND 80.http.get.title: 401 censys.io search dorks. The system can be accessed by a brute-force attack on the HTTP port or SSH port. Firstly, I needed a user guide to learn default HTTP username and password. After, I have searched on Google with antminer default password and found a. SSH failed SSH password changed or 22 port closed, recommended to use SD card to reset the miner {XXX minertype} Not supported Miner type not supported, cannot be scanned for virus AntMinerTool Manual 19 be scanned for virus 2-4.Not supported: there could be 3 kinds of errors 1) Password Wrong - The password of the miner is not the same as password in this tool. You need to change the.

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简介. ssh登录前默认USB转网卡的驱动已经安装好,介绍下 通过ssh连接狗板的步骤. # 狗板通过USB连接到windows电脑上的时候,IP地址是192.168.7.2,下面配置ssh连接,用户名是root,密码为空,有些新的镜像可能用户名是debian密码是temppw Enter and password. By default, all rigs have root and admin password. In the RaveOS rig management console, enter the upgrade command. After that, your GPU rig will be updated to the latest version. If you need a specific version of RaveOS, you can add the version number to the upgrade command to the upgrade command. In addition, the console has another useful command - show miner. Bitmain Antminer S9 HiveOS firmware, how to overclock Antminer S9. As we know very well hiveOS is one of the leading mining software and monitoring provider. It is very advanced and has a lot of features to modify and monitor mining rigs. If you don't know how to start using hiveOS we have installation guide here. They do support also Asic miner monitoring and control. Their software is very.

Antminer is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining hardware series launched in 2013, perfect for mining cryptocurrencies. Antminer is proudly designed and manufactured by Bitmain and has established itself as a household name in the blockchain community. The Antminer brand signifies leading technical specifications and excellence in product quality for ASIC mining.. ssh user@serverip. Remember to replace user with your real username and serverip with your server's dedicated or shared IP address. Once you click the Open button on PuTTY or enter the command on the terminal, you will be prompted for a password. If you are connecting to the server for the first time, you might get a warning.

Standard Passwort: minera. Anmerkung: Der Systembenutzer minera hat auch das Passwort minera, dieses sollten Sie ändern wenn Ihr Mikrocontroller ein öffentlicher Host mit SSH-Zugang ist. sudo passwd minera. Dies ist nicht die Einstellung für das Web-Dashboard sondern für den Linux-Benutzer If the firmware build date is before 2017.11.24, you must upgrade through TF card.If the firmware build date is 2017.11.24 or later, you can upgrade on the webpage of the miner AntMiner V9 ASIC Miner; Antminer Power Supply APW3++ Inside A ASIC Antminer; Crypto Wallets. Dogecoin Linux Wallet Install; Verge-QT Wallet Linux Install; GPU Mining. 6-GPU Mining Rig Setup; ASUS B250 Motherboard; ASUS B250 Power Setting; ATX Power Module Adapter; HiveOS SSD Install; GPU Mining Case; GPU Risers; Unboxing RX580 GPU; Mining On Pi' Note: I had to log out and log back in before the password prompt went away using this technique (Mint 17.3) -- Also this should be placed at the end of the sudoers list or it could get clobbered by other settings as the sudoers is processed line by line. Also, be careful with this on production systems (see 'sudo evil' thread above :) - RyanNerd Mar 16 '16 at 22:50. 8. Forgetting to put.

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For more than 3 years the VNISH team has been developing firmware for Antminer ASICs. At the moment you can download the firmware for Antminer S17 + T17 + S17 S17pro T17 S9 S9i S9j T9 + L3 + L3 ++. In the process of developing firmware for Antminer S19 T19 S17e T17e S9k S9se S15 T15. Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon NOTE : Firmware is suitable for all asik Antminer L3 +/ L3++ If the change of firmware BITMAIN you see the message: can not find signature . This means that your hardware is installed the firmware BITMAIN 2019, which is protected from overwriting, the firmware of 2018 do not have this protection. If you have firmware BITMAIN 2019 installation of our firmware are only possible via the SD card. Antminer S17 custom firmware up to 85TH. 28th January 2020. 27th January 2020 by mineshop.eu. For years now there has been possibilities to increase Bitmain bitcoin miners antminer efficiency with custom firmware. It is understandable that Bitmain don't want their customers to change overclock on their asic miners

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The username / password is root / root. 5. Set up Antminer connection to DHCP. Go to the Network tab and click Edit on WAN settings. Than change the protocol to DHCP Client, than Save & Apply After that, you might lose your connection to the miner. To find the miners new IP address, you can use Angry IP scanner (works on linux, windows and mac) than connect to it. Wireless mining. Go to. Antminer Z9 Miniのセカンドバッチではオーバークロックができないと言っていましたが方法がわかったので以下に記載します。簡単に言うと、SSHでAntminer Z9 miniにログインして設定ファイルを書き換えてリブートするこ

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Manual and automatically settings for getting Antminer S17+ The most powerful ASIC in 17 series. Get max from your ASICs with Wattum ASIC Firmware 1. This allows you to unlock SSH and allow you to run our aftermarket firmware on the machine. With the same hashrate (53 TH/s - 2900 Wat vs 53.5 TH/s - 2900 Watt). farms even easily EastShore is an experienced supplier dedicated to providing the best cryptocurrency-making machines and devices and top-notch customer service. Various kinds of ASIC miners including bitcoin miners, Litecoin miners, X11 miners etc. Purchase without hesitation, here is THE place to start mining and making money No logic version on antminer nova mining pool. Along with starting a proxy to control which pool you mine at, you can force the proxy to control the username and password for each pool, allowing different worker names at different pools and mining towards BTC addresses, Dwolla accounts. Related 5. This option also creates a steadier stream of income, even if each payment is modest compared to. ATTENTION: BEFORE INSTALLING THE FIRMWARE, you MUST UNLOCK SSH !!! SSH UNLOCK works on all firmware versions until December 2019. If your firmware version is December 2019 and older, then you need to use the SD image posted on our website, after you have installed the image you do not need to unlock, you can immediately install the Asicdip firmware

Antminer T17 Downvolts to 1900w at 42th/s 42.5w/ths; Attention: Ability to mass change passwords and ssh port. Multi-ASIC roll-out: Setup one machine and install it on all of them with just 1 click. Free - Small 2.8% fee to keep the project going. Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S17+/S17/S17 Pro/T17+/T17,S9/S9i/S9j models. Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best. Autotuning mining firmware. Increase hashrate on your Bitcoin ASICs, improve efficiency as much as 25%, and get 0% pool fees on Slush Pool. DOWNLOAD NOW. Supported models: S17, S17 Pro, S17+, T17, T17+ & S9s. Development pipeline: Whatsminer M20S & Antminer S19 models 今回はAntminer E3なので ASIC Minerを選択 その後フライトシートを作成を選択します。 インストール編. 1: IPスキャンソフト(LanScanなど)でAntminer E3のIPアドレスを確認します。 2: コマンドラインを開き、ssh root@[E3のIPアドレス] (例:ssh root@と入力します。 3:パスワード入力を求められる. Antminer ssh. Units have not been modified. 5 TH/s Bitcoin BTC ASIC Miner with Power Supply - PSU Refurbished Clean and tested! Oct 22, 2020 · Model Antminer S17e (64Th) from Bi Putty SSH Client. Let us now explore some important options from the dialog box. Remote Server Connection. To connect to any remote servers via SSH we will use either IP address or FQDN (Fully qualified domain name). By default, SSH is bonded to port 22 unless the SSH port was changed.. There are 4 connection types available RAW, Telnet, R, SSH, Serial

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If you've ever visited a website and seen an alarming message stating, This site is not secure, or Your connection is not secure, there are some simple methods for diagnosing the problem, gauging your level of risk, and mitigating any potential security hazards Прошивка для Antminer S9 (разгон до 22 TH/s) ДАННАЯ ПРОШИВКА СОЗДАНА ДЛЯ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ БЕЗОПАСНОГО РАЗГОНА И СНИЖЕНИЯ ПОТРЕБЛЕНИЯ Antminer S9, S9i, S9j (VNISH) Возможность разгона на воздушном охлаждение до 19 TH/s. https://192.168..118/ User: minepeon Pw: peon. Hier solltet ihr nun umgeht die Einstellungen ändern. Passwort, Donation usw. Und die Miner-Pools die hinterlegt sind entfernen und eure einfügen. Ihr solltet euch aufjedenfall noch per SSH auf eurem Pi anmelden um einmal ein Update des MinePeon zu machen. Dazu Antminer ssh. Antminer ssh Antminer Firmware Update -April 2017. There is a new controversy regarding a feature in the firmware of Bitmain's Antminer series of Bitcoin miners which allegedly claims that Bitmain can remotely shut down Antminers. This feature was designed and coded by the same team that is responsible for the firmware of Antminers

Mining more than 3 pools with an Antminer S1 | Bitcoins InAntminer S9 Firmware | Custom ASIC Mining FirmwareASIC management without the SSH access | by minerstatConfigure cPanel & WHM with Complete Security and Tweaking[Guide] Dogie&#39;s Comprehensive Bitmain Antminer S9 Setup [HD]
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