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Wie analysiere ich einen Zeitungsartikel (newspaper article)? Bei der Analyse eines Zeitungsartikels können unterschiedliche Schwerpunkte gesetzt werden. Es kann zum Beispiel von dir verlangt werden, den Text hinsichtlich seiner Merkmale zu untersuchen, die zeigen, dass er einer bestimmten Art von Zeitung ( Boulevardpresse oder seriöse Presse ?) zugeordnet werden kann I have always encouraged students to read newspaper articles as it is something that most people can find time to do in their busy lives, it also helps to consolidate your English. Newspapers are a great source of vocabulary, particularly phrasal verbs in the tabloid press. I am going to pass on some tips about newspaper language to help make them more accessible

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  1. Lesson 12: Core knowledge and skills. Show. The language features of news reports include: Formal, concise language with short sentences, rather than descriptive narrative writing. Third person.
  2. The form of a Language Analysis text can vary, from newspaper articles, blogs, comics or even speeches. Each form has its own set of conventions which can help you identify language techniques, and can change the way the message is communicated to the audience. For example, in a speech, the speaker is more likely to directly address their audience than the editor of a newspaper may in an editorial
  3. The aim of this analysis is to show how British newspapers treat such a subject and if there are striking differences between upmarket and downmarket newspaper reporting. In a second step I will look for underlying meaning or the author's opinions and attitudes which are revealed by the use of language and the way the authors handle the information they have got. There are several works which deal with newspaper language. I have found that two works are especially relevant for my analysis.
  4. Another golden method to give your newspaper article analysis an upper hand is by picking up words or even writing techniques from the article that you have found unfamiliar to your previous knowledge. These are then to be explained and alluded to in succinct detail and must connect to the context of your article
  5. PDF File: Language Analysis For Newspaper Article Year 11 - LAFNAY1PDF-1611 2/2 Language Analysis For Newspaper Article Year 11 Read Language Analysis For Newspaper Article Year 11 PDF on our digital library. You can read Language Analysis For Newspaper Article Year 11 PDF direct on your mobile phones or PC. As per our directory, this eBook is listed as LAFNAY1PDF-1611, actually introduced on.

The editors of the Guardian style guide write about language usage and abusage. 8 May 2018 Lastly from analysing two articles, one from a broadsheet and the other from a tabloid, I can conclude that the layout, audience, language, interviews, whether the article is biased or not, the tone and whether they include a message or not all differ and clash. The cause of this diversity is due to clashing aims and different types of readers. Tabloids aim to mainly create emotion amongst readers, where as a broadsheets aim to inform its readers. Readers of a tabloid are normally less. Download. How to analyse a newspaper article - Guidance. • Click on download for the complete and text. • This is a sharing plattform for text documents. • Upload a document and get this one for free. • Or you can buy simply this text. This paragraph is not visible in the preview. Please downloadthe document It was virtually impossible, because the links weren't clear enough and because the students weren't made aware that the first paragraph of a newspaper article usually sums up the whole story. Second challenge: Headlines. Newspaper headlines can also be hard to decipher. They often use puns or cultural references. This is particularly true of tabloid newspapers, which you might think would use simpler language, but are in fact about the hardest to decipher. Look at this.

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  1. This research focuses on the analysis of ideology and language in six Lebanese newspapers, and tries to establish if, and to what extent, the ideology behind the text limits the freedom of expression of the newspaper in question
  2. Article 1. Article 2. Article 3. Articles 4 and 5. Two articles on the same topic. This is a format you may find on your exam. The recommended technique is to analyse one article completely and then either use the second article to compare and contrast or analyse it separately. Constantly swapping back and forth between articles is difficult to structure well
  3. This is much more difficult with a newspaper article because the headline is often the most difficult part of the article to understand, and the same is at least as true for students reading on their own. For students who already read the news quite a lot, headline words can also be difficult to use in everyday speech or even be best avoided. The activities below aim to teach them the words they will often come across and show them if and how that vocabulary can be used in their own writing.
  4. ation Language Analysis Task is therefore designed to test your ability to analyse how language is used in a persuasive text, and to present this analysis in a coherent piece of writing. The Exa
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However, it has been a popular method to analyze, to be more specific, newspaper article through the use of CDA. In this paper, we are going to analyze an opinion article from a daily newspaper in Bangladesh. The article has been cited from The Daily Star (see appendix). A CDA approach will be used to analyze the text. f2 The type of newspaper that publishes the article influences how it is written: If it is in a tabloid it will have shorter sentences and paragraphs and use more basic vocabulary - reports are..

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To support the notion that news does not mirror the world but rather shapes it through the way it reports events, two news articles from two different sources reporting the same event are critically analysed in this paper to demonstrate how authors of these two news articles use language and words to define the political ideologies they stand for. The first news article is entitled Israel raid kill The newspaper article, also sometimes called a newspaper story, takes the facts of a particular event or situation, and is molded by writers/editors to create a cohesive story that has a beginning and end Newspaper Article Analysis I. Introduce the article 1. Name the title of the article. 2. If there is a byline, say who the author of the article is, what his/her qualifications are, where and when the article was published. 3. Name the topic of the article. 4. Name the message of the article, if there is one. II. Summarize the article III. Analyze and interpret the article

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Analyze the structure of the article step-by-step as you read. Always give yourself enough time to read through the article. If writing is a must for you as you read, you can start with an.. Newspaper editorials constitute a part of media discourse, which is an extremely important field of research in intercultural rhetoric analysis and EFL (English as a foreign language)/ESL (English as a second language) studies. Specifically, certain features of editorial headlines and also their important role in monitoring and directing readers' attention have made the interface between the linguistic analysis of newspaper editorial headlines and teaching of EFL as a relevant issue in. The type of newspaper that the article is published in makes a difference to the way it is written: if it is in a tabloid it will have shorter sentences and paragraphs and use more basic vocabulary.. Browse Language news, research and analysis from The Conversation Menu Close Home Articles on Language. Displaying 1 - 20 of 542 articles. Unsplash/Joe Ciciarelli June 10, 2021 Kapow! Zap.

Although installing newspaper is simple with pip, you will run into fixable issues if you are trying to install on ubuntu. If you are on Debian / Ubuntu, install using the following: Install pip3 command needed to install newspaper3k package: $ sudo apt-get install python3-pip. Python development version, needed for Python.h 1. Read your source material. Typically, the language analysis assignment includes specific source material in the form of articles or other texts. The first step to writing your language analysis is to read over these thoroughly and make notes. Try an initial scan, followed by a more thorough detail reading 1) What is the Language Analysis? In simple words, Language Analysis means to understand what a writer is saying in his piece of writing like an essay or an article. Analysis refers to how a writer is conveying his ideas through language techniques, such as figures of speech, sentence structure, tone, word choice, etc Analyse eines Zeitungsartikels in Englisch - Aufbau in fünf Schritten. Bei der Analyse eines Zeitungsartikels in Englisch ist die Analyse in fünf Schritten besonders empfehlenswert. Der Aufbau besteht aus fünf Etappen, die einfach abzuarbeiten sind und die Sie sich leicht merken können. Zeitungsartikel analysieren . Nicht nur für das Abitur ist es vonnöten, einen Zeitungsartikel.

two news articles using CDA tools such as framing, genre, foregrounding and presupposition, topicalization, agency, modality. Keywords: Tools of inquiry, critical discourse analysis (CDA), framing, genre, foregrounding, presupposition, topicalization, agency and modality. 1. INTRODUCTION How we use language -whether spoken or written- and in which context it reflects who we are, what we. Describing the tone of language When reading articles for analysis, students are expected to identify the tone of each piece of writing. In many instances the tone of the writing may change within the text of the article. Below is a collection of words which may be used to describe tone. Consider how you would justify using any of these words to denote tone in your analysis. intellectual self. Wie du beim Schreiben eines newspaper article vorgehst, wird im Folgenden näher beschrieben. 1. Headline und subheadings . Die Überschrift (headline) ist von besonderer Bedeutung, da durch diese die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers gewonnen wird. Sie soll den sogenannten eye-catching effect erzielen. Das Thema sollte daher in der Überschrift präzise und knapp dargestellt werden. Um die. Newspaper Article Analysis Guiding Questions OBSERVE: Identify and note details • Who published the article and who was the audience for this newspaper? (All newspapers in the Chronicling America Historical Newspaper collection feature an about section that contains background information). • What type of article is this (eye-witness account, straight news article, feature article.

Easy and Clear Language. Making your news article linguistically complicated is not something your reader appreciates. Remember that your purpose is to inform the reader and if you use unintelligible language it will only distract them. To put it simply, avoid using vague language, or the words which are not useful. Talk to your readers in lay man's language to make it accessible to all kind. Feature articles - these explore news stories in more depth. The purpose of a feature is not just to tell you what has happened, but to explore or analyse the reasons why. These kind of pieces. For more on the different requirements in Language Analysis, scroll down to the end of this article for a complete checklist! Introductions. Any introduction you write is going to be pretty important. In Language Analysis, your intro isn't technically worth any marks, but it is your chance to make a good first impression on your assessor! If your introduction is a rambly mess and takes three.

Learning English Analysing Language ESL Questions Members' Discussions. Ask a Teacher If you have a question about the English language and would like to ask one of our many English teachers and language experts, please click the button below to let us know: Ask a Teacher » Home. Teaching English. TEFL Articles. Teaching Tips. How to teach and use the language of newspaper headlines. How. It looked at 100 different newspaper titles analyzing 47,000 different stories in 700 issues. This guide passes along the well-tested methods and tools used in that study, as well as national baselines for comparison. Content analysis does not need to involve laboriously measuring every piece of news/information in the paper over an extended period of time. If you follow the scientific.

Analysing Persuasive Language. by Brett Lamb. When you read an article, it's important to clarify the issue being debated. When you're identifying the issue, phrasing something as a question can often help clearly state what is being argued over. - Should teens have the right to private medical appointments? - Should euthanasia be legalised? - Should fox poisoning be banned. Critical Analysis of a newspaper article: The Deadly Fallout Clear Cut Nuclear. Apr 24, 2017 · 3 min read. McDiarmid, B. (2010, August 01). The Deadly Fallout. Sunday Star-Times. Retrieved. Newspaper article HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE STRUCTURE OF A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE. ID: 1312307 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: GRADE 6 ELEMENTARY Age: 10-12 Main content: Writing Other contents: WRITING Add to my workbooks (20) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp: Link to. Design Quantitative and qualitative content analysis of 308 articles published in 7 UK national newspapers and the BBC News website between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2013. Results Articles associated women with 'binge' drinking more frequently than men, and presented women's drinking as more problematic. Men were more frequently characterised as violent or disorderly, while women were.

Do the test at Test Languages. Go to your level. Go to Level 1 if you know 1-1000 words. Go to Level 2 if you know 1000-2000 words. Go to Level 3 if you know 2000-3000 words. Reading. Read two news articles every day. Read the news articles from the day before and check if you remember all new words. Listening. Listen to the news from today and read the text at the same time. Listen to the. A new database of these features paves a pathway for ASL research. Humans are constantly changing our languages in terms of sounds, words, meanings, and grammar, so much so that it becomes.

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Discover new ways to use the newspaper in your language arts studies, with these activities from the Newspaper Association of America. News develops every day. The beauty of the newspaper in the classroom is that it is also fresh each day. It comes to you with the latest news and information and, unlike other media, comes beautifully written with lots of detail. Stories unfold as reporters. The representation of the female victim and the male perpetrator and their actions: A critical news analysis. In Centre for Language in Social Life, Working Papers Series (108), checked on 10 Jan 201 Analysis of moves, Second, the intended audience of science news articles is the general public, which implies that the messages conveyed to them are presented in a simpler language than that used by scientists to communicate in their community. Less complicated written articles could be a stepping stone for less English-proficient graduates to learn more about what people in their fields.

The analysis of these reports adheres to the analytic paradigm of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and is undertaken in two stages. The first, a general characterization of the newspaper discourse, reveals evidence of a systematic `othering' and stereotyping of the ethnic community by the `white' majority. This is followed by a comparative analysis of two reports, which surfaces evidence of a. Ask students to read the newspaper article and summarize the contents. Have students analyze the difference between the headline, leading sentence and article content in terms of tense usage and vocabulary in small groups (3 to 4 students). As a class, check that the differences between headline, leading sentence and article content are clear An annotation of a newspaper article serves as a brief analysis of the original piece. Written in concise language, an annotation is intended to explain the article succinctly and illuminate the meaning behind the article. An annotation differs from a standard summary or an abstract in that the writer of an annotation is expected to use some of his own knowledge and judgment while annotating. Techniques for writing a news article differ from those needed for academic papers. Whether you're interested in writing for a school newspaper, fulfilling a requirement for a class, or seeking a writing job in journalism, you'll need to know the difference. To write like a real reporter, consider this guide for how to write a news article When searching for online news articles you must first look to your students. It all comes down to keeping things relevant to your students. Keeping news relevant and level appropriate will allow your students and you to discuss the new material easily. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a great news article for your ESL lesson

Analysing News Article Content with Google Cloud Natural Language API. Aarne Talman. Follow. Mar 5 · 7 min read. In my previous blog post I showed how to use AI Platform Training to fine-tune a. 4/16/2014 - Analysis of The New York Times, Washington Post & LA Times - PART 2. 4/9/2014 - Analysis of The New York Times, Washington Post & LA Times - PART 1. 4/2/2014 - Media Ignore César Chávez's Opposition to Illegal Immigration. March 2014. 3/26/2014 - NOAA Scientist Disagrees with Networks' Claim of 'Historic' California. Sentiment Analysis on Reddit News Headlines with Python's Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) The best NLP course I've enrolled in. Learn basic to advanced sentiment analysis, text classification, language modeling, and more. Take the internet's best data science courses Learn More. Get updates in your inbox. Join over 7,500 data science learners. Recent articles: Orthogonal and Orthonormal.

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  1. CiteScore: 2.7 ℹ CiteScore: 2020: 2.7 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. 2017-20) to peer-reviewed documents (articles, reviews, conference papers, data papers and book chapters) published in the same four calendar years, divided by the number of.
  2. This data is about 2.5 million news headlines published in a national Indian daily called 'Times of India'. I thought, it would be really nice if I could analyse this data and extract some insights from this data set. Hence one fine evening, I decided to pull out an all nighter gleaning out anything interesting from over 2.5 million news headlines . Searching for insights!!!! Part 1.
  3. The news articles were then copied and pasted into files in Microsoft Word format. The timeframe selected for the data collection was May-August 2011 (from two months before to one month after the election). The main reason that we chose this timeframe to be the 'specific periods of time relating to important discursive events' for monitoring and collecting data is because before May.

Select a credible and reliable newspaper article. If your article is derived from an online source, ensure the website is not a blog, does not contain typographical errors, and is not laden with advertisements. Be sure that the article is current. As you read and re-read your article, highlight various significant points or write several notes on a separate sheet of notebook paper versions of newspaper texts and analyse the language features and text structures of news articles. Students use this knowledge to create a feature article for an online newspaper that persuades readers to support a particular point of view. Australian Curriculum . v4.1, Year 6 English Australian Curriculum content and achievement standard ACARA — Australian Curriculum, Assessment and. This journal is unique in that it provides a forum devoted to the interdisciplinary study of language and communication. The investigation of language and its communicational functions is treated as a concern shared in common by those working in applied linguistics, child development, cultural studies, discourse analysis, intellectual history. These special forms — news analysis articles, columns and others — adhere to standards different from those of the editorial and Op-Ed pages. The news and editorial departments do not coordinate coverage and maintain a strict separation in staff and management. All articles, columns, editorials and contributions in the newspaper are subject to the same requirements of factual accuracy. Ask. Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also.

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For analysing a newspaper article, there is a key yet simple structure that should be easy for you to follow: Firstly, you will want to identify G.A.P within your introduction (this stands for genre, audience and purpose).Your introduction should be relatively brief, but hit all the points of G.A.P as this will help you also to identify further features of the text Over the course of a month, we downloaded every article in their specific news sections that focused on political coverage from U.S. news to foreign policy. We used specialized software to help with this process, but often these data are collected by simply cutting and pasting each document into text format that you can use later. In the provided data, you can see the Source of the data, the. But 70 years on, it is surely time to put the trauma of Whorf behind us. And in the last few years, new research has revealed that when we learn our mother tongue, we do after all acquire certain. Hundreds of our languages are teetering on the brink of extinction, and as Rachel Nuwer discovers, we may lose more than just words if we allow them to die ou Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and the 9th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing , pages 5636Œ5646, Hong Kong, China, November 3Œ7, 2019. c 2019 Association for Computational Linguistics 5636 Fine-Grained Analysis of Propaganda in News Articles Giovanni Da San Martino1 Seunghak Yu2 Alberto Barron-Cede´ no˜ 3.

Analysing newspaper articles - Biased or Balanced? Subject: English. Age range: 7-11. Resource type: Worksheet/Activity. 4.2 13 reviews. pinguina81. 4.0906666666666665 398 reviews. Last updated. 12 March 2013. Share this. Share through email; Share through twitter; Share through linkedin; Share through facebook; Share through pinterest ; File previews. doc, 29.5 KB. A quick reading and. Cognitive research has suggested that language and the way people use it has a profound influence on how we see the world. Water, for example, is often more associated with concepts of femininity. Summary: This is a 2 part lesson. The first part gives students the opportunity to investigate newspaper articles in depth. During this time students will analyse the structure of newspaper articles (Headline, Lead, Body, Conclusion), the 5 W's (who, what, where, why, when) as well as the author's intention. The template found in resources will [

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Newspaper Article Format A typical newspaper article contains five (5) parts: Headline: This is a short, attention-getting statement about the event. Byline: This tells who wrote the story. Lead paragraph: This has ALL of the who, what, when, where, why and how in it. A writer must find the answers to these questions and write them into the opening sentence(s) of the article. Explanation. Cohesion in News Articles: A Discourse Analysis Approach. Cohesion is deemed to be outside of the structure of text because structure in text is provided by grammar. The design of cohesion in text is connected to semantic ties or relations of meanings that exist within the text, and that define it as a text (Halliday and Hasan, 1976). The study discusses an analysis done on two Malaysian. Step 3. Analyze a news article in Node-RED. The Watson Natural Language Understanding service takes either a body of text or a publicly accessible URL to provide content the service can analyze. In this section, we will analyze a news article that is accessible through a URL. You can also choose to analyze other URLs that contain a body of text Analysing Language: useful words & phrases list. 2 min read: this blog post will help you to: use words and phrases that analyse language. The strongest analysis will be able to cluster language techniques and discuss contrasts and juxtapositions in language use. A stronger analysis will cluster different language techniques that create similar. This journal is unique in that it provides a forum devoted to the interdisciplinary study of language and communication. The investigation of language and its communicational functions is treated as a concern shared in common by those working in applied linguistics, child development, cultural studies, discourse analysis, intellectual history.

2020 US Census Shows Texas The Big Winner. 6. May 2021. by Mag Rosmanitz. The United States population has been recorded at 331 million according to the 2020 census, the slowest growth rate since the 1930s. Post navigation. Older posts. Page the multidisciplinary field of discourse analysis, a domain of study in the humanities and social sciences that systematically examines the structures and functions of text and talk in their social, political, and cul-tural contexts.3 Applied to the study of mass communication, this approach claims that in order to understand the role of the news media and their messages,one needs to pay.

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  1. Table 1: News articles used for analysis in Sec-tion2. the text with NLTK (Bird et al.,2009) and com-pute per-document count for each lexicon, and re-port averages per article of each type. First among these lexicons is the Linguistic In- quiry and Word Count (LIWC), a lexicon widely used in social science studies (Pennebaker et al., 2015). In addition, we estimate the use of strongly and.
  2. We analyze valence, arousal, and specific emotional content of over 100,000 mentions of death in news articles and social media posts, and find that language shows an increase in valence (i.e., decreased negative affect) and a decrease in arousal when describing mortality of larger numbers of people. These patterns are most clearly reflected in specific emotions of joy and (in a reverse.
  3. Critical Analysis Template In a critical analysis essay, It can be used to discuss a book, article or even a film. You must read the piece carefully and may need to look up terms or concepts you are unfamiliar with or research related reading prior to writing your essay. Introduction Summary The • • Analysis Conclusion Remember critical analysis should be fun! This is your chance to.
  4. Using content analysis, researchers can quantify and analyze the presence, meanings and relationships of such certain words, themes, or concepts. As an example, researchers can evaluate language used within a news article to search for bias or partiality. Researchers can then make inferences about the messages within the texts, the writer(s.
  5. Let's dive deeper into the most positive and negative sentiment news articles for technology news. Looks like the most negative article is all about a recent smartphone scam in India and the most positive article is about a contest to get married in a self-driving shuttle. Interesting! Let's do a similar analysis for world news
  6. Omission of Articles. Some common types of nouns that don't take an article are: Names of languages and nationalities: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian (unless you are referring to the population of the nation: The Spanish are known for their warm hospitality.) Names of sports: volleyball, hockey, basebal

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Rashkin H, Choi E, Jang JY, Volkova S, Choi Y (2017) Truth of varying shades: analyzing language in fake news and political fact-checking. In: Proceedings of the 2017 conference on empirical methods in natural language processing, pp 2931-2937. Ruchansky N, Seo S, Liu Y (2017) Csi: A hybrid deep model for fake news detection. In: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on conference on information and. Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) is a technical approach for analyzing and designing an application, system, or business by applying object-oriented programming, as well as using visual modeling throughout the software development process to guide stakeholder communication and product quality.. OOAD in modern software engineering is typically conducted in an iterative and incremental. In this article, we will use a million news headlines dataset from Kaggle. If you want to follow the analysis step-by-step you may want to install the following libraries: pip install \ pandas matplotlib numpy \ nltk seaborn sklearn gensim pyldavis \ wordcloud textblob spacy textstat. Now, we can take a look at the data I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language. A good dictionary is a fine thing - I yield to no man in my love for one. If I stretch out my right arm as I type, I can pluck from my shelves. Of course, this means that newspaper headlines can be confusing to English language students. This is because newspaper headlines are often incomplete. For example: Difficult Times Ahead Under Pressure from Boss Mustang Referral Customer Complaint. This lesson focuses on helping make sense of the strange forms used in newspaper headlines. You may want to review some of the most common grammar.

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  1. Belarus news, analysis of politics, military, economy, culture, tourism, human rights, Belarusian language and life in Minsk and elsewhere in Belarus
  2. ally monthly (typically 10 issues a year with a summer break) which cover the news in a small area - a town, group of parishes, one or a few valleys, etc. - with a circulation of perhaps a few thousand each. There are between 50 and 60 Papurau Bro which cover the whole of Wales, plus the Welsh communities of Liverpool and.
  3. PRINCE HARRY has been slated by a language expert for swearing in a new podcast interview. During the episode, Harry uses curse words when quizzing host Dax Shepard about his path to sobriety
  4. All Indian languages newspapers links: Read India's Regional Newspaper's News without downloading their fonts in Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Konkani, Oriya, Assamese and English language
  5. The Swahili news dataset contains more than 31,000 news articles from different news categories such as local, international, business or financial, health, sports, and entertainment. The Swahili language is one of the most spoken languages in Africa, with around 100-150 million speakers across East Africa. I collected the data from different news publication platforms inside and outside of.
  6. How to teach and use the language of newspaper headlines
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