Npm hack

Find Security Vulnerabilities With Npm Audit

  1. I can’t believe how smart this is! He Hacked Into Apple and Microsoft with this genius trick.
  2. Analysis of an Exploited NPM Package || Jarrod Overson
  3. NPM Package Publishing using Glitch
  4. Stealing passwords with Javascript

How to Instantaneously Install NPM Packages While Supporting Multi-version and Avoiding Duplications

  1. Nmap Tutorial to find Network Vulnerabilities
  2. How To Prevent The Most Common Cross Site Scripting Attack
  3. Worst JavaScript Flaws That Hackers Love To Abuse
  4. Writing Secure Node Code: Understanding and Avoiding the Most Common Node.js Security Mistakes
  5. Friday Hacks #178 - How I discovered 19 NPM malicious packages - NUS Hackers
NodeSchool @ IEM

Things Every Developer Should Know About package

  1. Cross Site Request Forgery - Computerphile
  2. Burpsuite Basics (FREE Community Edition)
  3. Solarwinds Orion Hack December 2020
  4. Why LocalStorage is Vulnerable to XSS (and cookies are too)

HackTheBox - Cereal

  1. Writing Secure JavaScript
  2. HAFNIUM - Post-Exploitation Analysis from Microsoft Exchange
  3. Node.js Application Security: Identifying Vulnerabilities in NPM Packages | packtpub.com

How to upgrade NPM packages

Round to at most 2 decimal places In JavaScript

SQLite Blind SQL Injection - HackTheBox Cyber Apocalypse CTF

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