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  1. Answer:A: go to mail, select preferences, then go to the tab marked junk mail-. click the radio button to move it to the junk mailbox and - voila! - your junk mail box. is now visible again
  2. Missing Trash Folder. If you can't find your Trash or Junk folder, you can easily get it to show up again. This also works for any other mailbox or folder you want to see. Go to the left sidebar in your Mail app. Hover your pointer over Favorites and a plus sign (+) should appear to the right of Favorites. Click the plus sign (+). If you already have mailboxes in Favorites, click the arrow to make them appear in the sidebar
  3. A quick work around to get the Junk mailbox to show up straight away is to change the junk mail setting in Apple Mail from Mark as junk mail, but leave it in my Inbox to Move it to the Junk mailbox and back again
  4. Click the disclosure triangle next to the Junk Mailbox in the Mailbox list. Is your account name listed as one of the subfolders? If not, look down towards the bottom of the Mailbox list and see if the Spam folder is listed under your account heading. If it is, you can map it to the Junk fodler in Mail by selecting it, then Mailbox menu, Use Mailbox for> Junk

Original poster. Nov 18, 2007. 1,373. 65. Nov 23, 2020. #1. Before Big Sur, in Mail, there was always a junk folder for all your email accounts. Now that is gone. You can only see sent, drafts etc Trash and Bulk mail indicate you have an imap account - the folder names are set by the imap server and Outlook will use those for junk mail. Diane Poremsky [Outlook MVP] Outlook Resources: https://www.slipstick.com. https://www.outlook-tips.net. ** I don't work for Microsoft.** I know about the 'show' button. I've shown all the folders for the mailbox. What I'm saying is that the actual SPAM folder is no longer there! It's a strange thing that has happened, that's why I posted this new thread. Perhaps the mailbox got moved. If you go to Mail's preferences and open the SpamSieve rule, you can click on the Spam mailbox in the rule action to see where it is located in the mailbox hierarchy Apple offers junk mail filtering in Apple Mail as well as via iCloud.com. Unfortunately those two filters are not related to each other and thus can cause troubles and frustration. Apple Mail's Junk Mail Filter. Apple Mail has a built-in spam filter that you can enable or disable via Mail's Preferences. Unfortunately, Apple Mail's spam filtering capabilities are somewhat unreliable and I recently decided to disable it, in favor of a 3rd party solution

Mail can completely rebuild your mailbox, which can fix many of the most common problems with missing email. This solution can take quite some time because all messages will be deleted from your Mac. Therefore, it's wise to try the other methods first if your mailbox is particularly large. To rebuild a mailbox, proceed as follows Click on the Folder Actions option at the top left pane. Choose the Rebuild Folder List option from the drop-down box. Then choose the Show All Mailboxes option from the same box Check the account's Recovered Messages mailbox, if available in the Mail sidebar. Quit Mail, then reopen it. If the problem persists, you may need to rebuild a mailbox. If you set up Time Machine to back up files on your Mac, you can use the backups to restore content that Mail downloaded (based on options set in Mail and on your Mac) Activate the hidden Mail app folders. To switch them on, just tap the little icon at top left (iPad), or the Mailboxes label in the same place (iPhone), to open up the mailbox list. Then hit Edit.

Spotlight search is primarily used to find the message content on Mac. In a very rare case, Apple Mail emails disappear from inbox due to spotlight index. So, users can follow the below instructions to again re-index spotlight setting. You need to select the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences I know it can be frustrating to lose the emails in your junk folder and I'm here to assist you. It may be cause by the Scheduled clean up in your account. Refer on the link below and see if you have set up a setting like this before: 1. In your Outlook, choose an email and the Sweep option should appear on the upper part of the page. 2. Select Schedule cleanup on the drop down window. 3. You.

The default Spam filters in Mac Mail have a list of malicious email addresses that it deems as junk. This setting when enabled forces these messages from a suspected ID directly to a Junk Mail folder. This folder contains all the emails from doubtful entities. One can simply drag an email that seems suspicious to this Junk Mail folder My junk emails are missing !!! AJ1966. Posts : 3. Windows 10 New 07 Dec 2015 #1. Help ! My junk emails are missing !!! My lovely new Asus Zenbook UX305 came with Windows 10 preloaded. I have successfully set up two email accounts through Mail for W10 and they're working fine , but there doesn't seem to be a junk folder. I'm expecting an email which has been resent three times and has probably. Marking as junk will let you receive the email in Junk Email folder. And there is no method to add blocked sender to Junk Email folder, blocked sender list and Junk Email folder are two different features in Outlook for Mac, there is no method to combine them in Outlook for Mac, your understanding is appreciated Manage junk mail in Mail on iCloud.com. Most junk mail (spam) sent to your @icloud.com address or its aliases is automatically identified and moved to your Junk folder. If you receive unwanted email, you can manually mark it as junk by dragging it to the Junk folder. Messages marked as junk are displayed with a junk mail icon

So, you have to search this folder if Junk mailbox missing in Big Sur update. To do that: Go to the Library folder. Apple hides this folder by default so make sure you unhide. The easiest way to access is by typing Library in the Finder search tab. Open the Library folder and scroll down to the Mail sub-folder. Here, you'll see multiple. Apple Mail, also known as Mac Mail is the default email client that comes with every Mac using OS X 10.0 or later. And with it comes a variety of issues and errors just like in every other email client across the globe. We are going to discuss one such issue which has become quite common, i.e., Apple Mail emails disappear from Inbox. So, let's see what this issue actually is and what are the. You can still mark an email message as junk manually. To do this, click the Junk menu, and then click Mark as Junk. This moves the email message to the Junk E-Mail folder. However, future email messages that are similar or from the same sender are not automatically moved to the Junk E-Mail folder Re: Missing Spam Folder. You don't. It is part of the BT mail system and it depends on which email app you are using whether or not it is displayed. If you have the mail app set up as an IMAP account it is usually shown and if you have set it up as a POP account it is not. You should go into the email apps settings and you may find a folders. To troubleshoot missing Outlook folders, begin with the simplest and most common causes and fixes. Make sure all folders are showing. Missing folders could be something as simple as a minimized Folders pane. Also, since folders can be nested in Outlook, expanding a folder with a small triangle next to it may reveal the folders you can't find

Mail in Big Sur: Fix Missing Trash Folder, Flags and

I just updated to Big Sur and launcehd Mail app to find that the All Archived and All Trash folders no longer exist. I have three email accounts, one is my iCloud account and the other two are Microsoft Exchange accounts. I used to be able to see a consolidated view of All Archived messages since there was a mailbox on the sidebar called All Archived but it's gone. I see no way of. Rebuild each folder - worked for me! I was trying to stop duplicate messages and had removed the mail.plist file. When that didn't help, I put the old one back but was missing all my messages in the on my mac folders where I like to sort/store messages. Oddly enough it looked like the messages were there since from, subject, date, time and. The OS often marks Junk mail correctly, but fails to move it to the Junk folder. Bad If I go to the Junk folder and see something that Apple has erroneously marked as Junk, I can't click on it and send it back as not Junk. This should be (as I've told Apple) at the very least a contextual menu option. Instead I have to open it and click Move to. Junk mail folder is missing from iCloud emaill. More Less. iPad Air, iOS 9.3. Another cause of problems with the Mail app after upgrading to Big Sur is missing Mail folders. You can check on the Mail app connections to try and resolve this issue by following these steps: Launch the Mail app. Click on Window from the top menu bar. Select Connection Doctor from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to see if there are any connection issues with your mail accounts. If.

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Find this folder: Containers > com.apple.mail > Data > Library > Saved Application State; Within that, move this folder into Trash: com.apple.mail.savedState ; Empty the Trash and try to restart Mac Mail the usual way. Important: Back up the mentioned folder so you can put it back if something goes wrong. If that has worked, you can restart Mail and it should be running smoothly. If not, there. Reduce junk mail. Use information found in Mail in other apps. Delete emails. Print emails. Find email . Search for emails. Filter emails. Flag emails. Show emails from VIP senders. Organize email in mailboxes. Move or copy emails. Create or delete mailboxes. Use favorite mailboxes. Use Smart Mailboxes. Archive emails. Subscribe to public and shared mailboxes. Move or copy mailboxes. Import or.

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In the Mail app on your Mac, select one or more messages.. If you select a conversation, any message in the conversation that's in the current mailbox—for example, the Inbox—will be archived; related messages that are in other mailboxes will not be archived.. Click the Archive button in the Mail toolbar (or use the Touch Bar).. If you set the Move discarded messages option to. While other folders will synchronize upon creating a new account, the junk mail folder does not show on the Mac. This problem has affected a number of users, who seem to be using older exchange. In Apple mail, (synced to Google mail) recently, when I receive an email and move it into a folder, it remains there. However, a duplication of that same email comes back into my Inbox once again within a few minutes. It is very time consuming for me to have to reread the email and try to remember if I already put it into a folder, in which case I can just delete it. When I delete it, it goes. To classify a message as junk and block the sender, Ctrl+click or right-click a message header and then click Junk Mail > Block Sender. Add important people to your Outlook contacts. When a contact is saved in your contacts list, Outlook does not classify messages from that email address as junk. On the Tools menu, click Junk E-mail Protection

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One of the most popular tools for accessing emails on a Mac operating system is Apple Mail. This built-in utility can be used to access email accounts from various other free email service providersincluding Apple's iCloud, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc., in addition to allowing other providers to be entered manually.. Besides integration with some of the other features on your Mac. Check the Junk Email folder. Sometimes messages are mistakenly marked as junk by other email apps. Check your Junk Email folder and see if the message is there. If the message has been moved incorrectly to this folder, select the message and then select Not junk > Not junk.. If you're using the Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android apps, go to the Junk Email folder, select the message and. What makes this feature nice is that you don't have to head to specific folders for the emails you need. Plus, messages remain in their original inbox, but are collected in another mailbox for quick access. If you're new to Smart Mailboxes in Mail on Mac, this tutorial walks you through how to use them. Create a Smart Mailbox. You'll notice in sidebar of the Mail app that there is a.

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I've been missing some emails and now I see that they are in a Spam subfolder, under the Inbox, that I only can see when I use my iPhone. Is there a way to see this folder in Outlook, or preferably stop any emails from going in it, since this particular account gets very little spam, and mostly it is detecting valid emails and putting them in. I use Apple mail client IMAP (if that's the right terminology) on iPhone, which syncs across to my iPad and MacBook. The disappearing messages replicates across all 3 devices. I have checked BT webmail and sent messages have disappeared from there as well, replicating the position on my Apple devices. It is only messages remaining in the sent folder that go missing. If I move a sent mail to.

Missing Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk, and Other Folders

The custom folder search program window will show up on-screen. In the search bar, type the name of the missing folder, say Word Mails > click Ok. Once the search is complete, missing folder location/path will be available. Using the methods mentioned above, you'll be able to find out the folder or folders in Outlook that went missing In order to use IMAP folders for the Mac email client, Selecting the IMAP folders for Sent, Drafts, Junk and Trash. Select and then click on the IMAP folder you would like to use: Sent, Drafts, Junk, or Trash. Click on the Mailbox menu. Choose the corresponding mail box that you would Use This Mailbox For. Repeat these steps for any other folders you wish to store on the server. AC.

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Outlook for Microsoft 365 for Mac Outlook 2016 for Mac Outlook for Mac 2011 Outlook 2019 for Mac More... Less. Newer versions Office for Mac 2016 Office 2011 Create a top-level folder. Right-click on your email address in the left folder menu and select New Folder. The folder will appear at the bottom of your list of folders and called Untitled Folder. You can rename it by right-clicking it. Missing 30k+ emails after accidental 'move to junk' on iOS mail... Any help very much appreciated here - when using my gmail account through iOS mail, I usually select all and mark them as read to clean up my inbox. Recently I've found that Apple has updated their iOS mail to include a 'Move To Junk' action right next to the 'Mark As Read.

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Follow these steps to search all your emails, including those that aren't in your inbox: On your computer, open Gmail. In the search box, click the Down arrow . Click the All Mail drop down, then select Mail & Spam & Trash. Enter some information that's in the missing email. If you're not sure about exact words or details, leave the fields. If you want to stop receiving email from someone, you can add his or her email address to your blocked senders list. Outlook automatically moves any new mail that you receive from this person to the Junk email folder. When you want to receive mail from this person again, you can remove his or her email address or domain from your blocked senders list

After much searching and trying things out, herewith the solutions if anyone needs it, regarding missing junk folder. Tools Account settings local folder move new junk messages to select junk fold on: local folder. I hope that is as clear as mud, but think it will resolve any problem. Guest Guest . Posted September 23rd, 2008, 3:17 pm. I created a folder called Junk, changed the setting. How to sort mail into folders in Mail for Mac. There are two methods Mail gives you for sorting email into folders manually. In Mail, click-and-hold on the email you want to sort. Drag the email to the folder on the sidebar. Alternatively, Mail for macOS Mojave gives you a big ol' button to push so you don't have to click and drag. VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1.

Click on the Junk Email folder to open it: When looking for Outlook lost emails, don't forget to check the Junk Email (spam) folder. In this example, I'm looking for an email message about the company's new logo: If you don't have many messages in your Junk Email folder, you can easily find missing emails in Outlook If you have intentionally or unintentionally deleted your emails from Mac but eagerly hope to recover the deleted emails, then the first thing that you must do on Mac is to check the trash folder. Most of the time, unless you have turned this feature off, any deleted files will be sent to the Trash folder. However, if they are not there- due to emptying the trash, lack of space in it, or. In conclusion, Thunderbird is really easy to use in order to repair a folder that is missing, the steps provided to set the sent folder in Thunderbird are also understandable and not complicated, as well as to recover back missing emails by using it. Nevertheless, in order to use Mozilla Thunderbird in repairing the indexes of several folders, users have to close the application first before. Saved Gmail Emails Missing/Disappear from Gmail Folders. Pin . Lock . 0 Recommended Answers 58 Replies 325 Upvotes I use Mac and chrome for Google Mail. Over many years I have created folders to save important emails. I have not check this gmail account for almost a year. Now when I open ALL of my emails I labeled have disappeared. They are not in the All Mail and I cannot find them anywhere..

Assuming you are using IMAP for your Email Account go to the Account settings and adjust the sync settings to a shorter interval. Open the same Account from Webmail to check whether those folders have been made in the Email server, Windows 10 Mail just syncs with those folders. A lot of Email Accounts and client applications have some fancy. My junk mail folder is empty on my iphone and disappeared completely from my laptop. I check it daily as some important e-mails go into my junk. Please advise on how I can retrieve my junk mail. TUCU commented · April 28, 2021 19:07 · Flag as inappropriate Flag as inappropriate · For me what fixed it was opening in firefox (I usually use new edge). It was there by default in Firefox. I. I'm running a Mac Pro (4,1) 2.66 Quad late 2009. When I upgraded the OS from 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.3 there was a major reshuffling of Apple Mail data and I stopped getting all email. I tried sending some mail to myself and saw it pop up briefly, for less than a second, then disappear. I checked rules under Apple Mail preferences and found the SpamSieve rule was the culprit. Found this.

Another issue reported by Big Sur Mail users is that they can no longer find the mailboxes that hold deleted messages and junk for all accounts. It's as if junk mail has disappeared. This only affects users who have more than one account set up in Mail. The Junk and Trash mailboxes still appear for each account; it's the combined ones that are missing. Also, the mailboxes still exist; they. I then restarted Mail to have these folders show up as subfolders within the Inbox. From there, I selected Sent and chose Mailbox -> Use this Mailbox for -> Sent, and did the same thing for Drafts. Strangely enough, the two folders disappeared and the Sent and Drafts folders popped up in their usual locations I can do a search to find emails that are listed as being in the Junk E-mail folder but do not see the Junk E-mail folder. Any ideas?? Server is Exchange 2016. Thanks!! · Hi, Based on my test, if we set JunkEmailEnabled to false, the Junk Email folder will not visible for end user. Please run Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | FL Identity,*Junk. I cannot find spam folder anywere. Details. Managing Settings and Mail, Internet Explorer. Upvote (667) Subscribe Unsubscribe. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Last edited 6/15/19 . Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (9) icantchooseone Diamond Product Expert . 5/6/19. Get Link Report Abuse . Recommended Answer . Relevant Answer click the gear picture ( cog.

Recently set up some new email accounts in my outlook Live 2007 and for some reason they do not have a delete items folder, junk mail folder, sent mail folder and a spam folder. When I delete a line goes through the message but it never gets removed. How can I add the other folders I need FAA-PMA parts for Cessna, Piper, Grumman, and Beechcraft aircraft. Products include cables, engine controls, steering rods, seat rails, engine controls, rudder pedals and many more airframe parts Apple-Kunden sind massiv von Spam-Mails betroffen. Betrüger versenden Phishing-Mails zu Ihrer Apple ID oder neuerdings auch der iTunes ID bzw. im Namen des Apple Stores. Mit den Spam-Mails im Namen von Apple sollen persönliche Daten gestohlen werden. Wir erklären, woran Sie die Phishing-Nachricht erkennen und welche Apple E-Mail ein Fake ist. Phishing-Nachrichten in Zusammenhang mit der. I use SS with Outlook 2016. (on Mac with Catalina) Outlook standard Junk Mail folder can't be switched off and a lot of mail ends up in there (mostly but not only SPAM) I can train the good ones with SS but they end up going back in the Junk folder after they hit the inbox again very infuriating can anyone help

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I Cannot View Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk and Other Folders If your Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk and other IMAP folders are missing, subscribe to them again to make them appear. Choose your mail client from the list below for instructions on how to subscribe to folders email gmail macos mail.app spam. I have setup Mail.app to use my Gmail account. Gmail has a spam filter that works excellent for me. But I sometimes check the Junk mailbox in Mail to see if something got there by accident. When I go through the messages the images in those messages get loaded anyway as the message is placed by Gmail in the Spam folder (which is linked to the Junk mailbox) but. So they may be over, but I still want to make a junk mail on my Iphone. I am running 3 emails through my Mail and my Mac Mail I have the junk options and they typically get the junk. If anyone knows how to put a junk Mail folder in Iphone Mail I would love to hear how it's done. Thanks in advance We recently discovered an issue with Outlook classifying legitimate Emails as junk. Valid emails from clients as well as emails from within our organization were being sent to our junk folder. Mail is classified as Junk in Exchange Online and within the Outlook client separately. We had the Junk Filtering in Outlook disabled before this problem started so for our case we knew it was an issue. The Mail preferences file to replace will be in subdirectories contained in the Containers > com.apple.mail folder. With these steps done, you can now launch Mail, and when you do so, the program will read from the restored preferences file to load details about the prior Mail accounts and mailboxes, and then be able to associate them with the contents of the restored Mail folder on your hard. If you have two folders named Junk Email or a second folder named Junk E-mail, only the folder your version of Outlook created and uses for junk email will have the 'not junk' option enabled. (It was called 'Junk E-mail' in older versions of Outlook.) If you look at the folder list (Ctrl+6), the Junk Email folder will have a icon with the red 'no' symbol over it. If the folder uses a plain.

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